October 26

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Before my wife and I got married, we would go out on a date, once a week. That was nice, I happily looked forward to our date night. Our original plan for life after marriage, was  to continue having a date night, at least once every two weeks. We said, that at the very least, we would have a date night once a month. We actually stuck to that, at the beginning of our marriage, but soon our pledge to have regular date nights, took a back seat to everyday married life. You know how life is. Life together brought with it new responsibilities. We were combining two families, not always an easy task. In our case the combining of families happened smoothly, main reason, our kids get along together great, It did cut into our date nights though. We still have date night, every marriage needs that. We just don’t go out as often as we did when we were dating.

Last Friday I decided to do something different for date night. Lately, we have gone to the beach and eating at one of the many seafood restaurants or to the movies. This past Friday night I took her to see a play. We went and saw, The Trip to Bountiful  starring the legendary Cicely Tyson, Vanessa Williams, and Blair Underwood. It is showing at the Ahmanson Theater in downtown Los Angeles, 26 October 2014 until 2 November 2014.

The play is set in Houston, Texas, during the 1940s. Cicely Tyson plays Carrie Watts,  the elderly mother of Ludie, played by Blair Underwood and Ludie’s wife, Jessie Mae is played by Vanessa Williams. There are several other characters, but they are the main characters. It was a thrill to see Cicely Tyson in action. I can still remember watching her performance in the movie, Sounder, which came out in 1972. She was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress in that movie, she played the character Rebecca Morgan. It is still a pleasure to watch her perform. Watching her, I know that I am watching American theater history, in the making. Vanessa Williams and Blair Underwood are also very talented. I greatly, enjoyed their excellent performances. Together they make an all-star cast. The set changes during the play were truly amazing. In a flash, the scene would change and the characters would be in another place. A trip to the theater made for a great night out with my wife. We both had a great time. In addition, the Ahmanson Theater is a terrific place to watch a play, I didn’t see a bad seat in the house. So if you don’t make it to see this play, definitely try to go to the Ahmanson Theater, if you’re in Los Angeles. The last thing I want to mention is that there is also a Lifetime movie with the same name and the same actors playing the same roles. I have never watched the movie, but I plan to as soon as I can.



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