November 2

Dealing with Daylight savings time



Most people, either love daylight savings time, or they hate it. Maybe hate is too strong of a word, so I’ll just say a lot of us, I included, see it as a nuisance. No sooner than I am used to daylight saving time, than it’s time to go back to standard time. Before I know it, March 8th, 2015 will have arrived and once again, you and I will go through our annual ritual of losing 1 hour of sleep. For the 150th time, I’ll wish I lived in Hawaii or Arizona. Two states that don’t observe daylight savings time.

I must admit that, of the two annual time changes; I prefer this one, in the fall. Fall back as we say. That saying was invented, to help us remember which way to set our clocks. That should have been the first clue that something was wrong with this time changing stuff. Why else would you have to make up a catchy phrase, in order to know what time it is? The time change in the spring, spring forward, always seemed unfair to me. It’s as if, someone changed the rules in the middle of the game. I never look forward to losing an hour of sleep, though it happens quit often. I need every minute of sleep I can squeeze out of the night. The world never stops; our days are filled up to brim with things that we have to get done. For me, this go, go I always have something to do, often means that my duties run into the night. It’s always a good thing when we get our proper rest, an elusive goal at best. On the bright side, this morning I got an extra hour of sleep; Monday morning, I won’t have to start my day off in the near, total darkness of zero dark thirty, and I actually sleep better when it gets dark earlier.

To prepare kids for the change back to standard time, it’s a good idea in the days leading up to the change, to make their bedtime a little later each night. So when the clocks do go back an hour your child won’t be grouchy before bedtime, due to being sleepy.
You should do the opposite in the spring before we go back to daylight savings time and make their bedtime slightly earlier each day in the days before the time change. They may not fall asleep right away, but you will get their bodies ready for the time change. Adults can do the same thing, and if you have teenagers in your home, just realize that they “will” get used to the time change, sooner or later hopefully sooner.

I learned a long time ago, that I have no control over the time nor the powers that imagine they do; so I accepted daylight savings time many, many moons ago. It was either that, or be out of sync with the rest of the entire United States, thank you Arizona and Hawaii.  I have learned, though, there are things you can do to help get adjusted to this twice a year, mini time warp. Eat a healthy diet, exercise and know that your body will adjust.

Nice Kicking it with you again, see you next time, David.


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