Doing This Reduces the Chances of Teen Suicide

Everyone who really knows me knows knows I'm from Missouri where we learned to shoot a weapon almost as soon as we could hold a sippy cup. Go Chiefs!!! Wait a minute my mom used cloth diapers and sippy cups weren't invented yet. Never the less Guns are part of your life if you come from where I come from.

That's why this article blindsided me. Who would have thought???.

State-by-state study links gun ownership with youth suicide

I've always wanted all of my children to at least know how to use a gun/weapon. Now I'm asking myself is it worth it???.

Actually I definitely think it's worth it but  there's a lot more to defense than just knowing how to use weapons. First off you've got to teach them how to defend against our biggest enemy (ourselves). How do you do that? First step raise Them in a Bible Based Church from the get go. If that's impossible because it's too late; keep in mind that it's never too late to start doing the right thing and a good example is the best medicine.

That won't solve everything but you'll be ahead of the game. See you soon

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