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Fun, Festive and Inexpensive Fourth of July Party Ideas

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Independence Day is probably the easiest Holiday to decorate for, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Who wouldn’t mind saving a few dinero right now? I’ve got just the thing for you, inexpensive Fourth of July party ideas.

Decorating Ideas:


  • You can usually find red, white or blue paper tablecloths this time of year at fairly reasonable prices. Using blue for the tablecloth, add white napkins and red paper plates for a festive red, white and blue table. Blue plastic table wear on the white napkins and red plastic cups add a nice touch. Be sure to check the Dollar Store, it’s an excellent place to find inexpensive holiday decorations.


  • Make a centerpiece using a blue vase filled with red and white carnations, and then add some flags. Give the flags to your guests after your meal is served.


  • Make a Patriotic Windsock


Your kids will love helping with this! Or if they are old enough they can make it themselves!


  • Cut the bottom off a cylinder shaped oatmeal container
  • Wrap the oatmeal container in blue construction paper
  • Cut out stars using white construction paper and glue to the blue construction paper around the cylinder.
  • Cut some red and white stripes from crêpe paper and glue or staple to one end of the cylinder.
  • Punch 4 holes along the top of the cylinder, across from each other.
  • Cut two pieces of string about a foot long. Tie the strings to the wind sock (tie the opposite ends of a string to holes on opposite sides of the cylinder).
  • Tie a longer piece of string to the smaller pieces – you’ll hang the wind sock from this piece of string.


Food Ideas:

  1. Pigs in a Blanket: Using refrigerated crescent rolls and beef hot dogs, roll each hot dog in an unbaked crescent roll. Place in a 9X13 pan, bake according to crescent roll package directions. Serve with ketchup and mustard, or ranch dressing
  2. Easy Boneless Hot Wings: Bake up some plain breaded chicken chunks according to package directions. Then dip them in a mixture of your favorite bbq sauce and or hot sauce. I like Gates BBQ sauce, but you can use Frank’s or Tabasco. Sprinkle with Mexican seasonings (i.e. Cayenne pepper, cumin, or Mrs. Dash Extra Spicy or Southwest Chipotle).  Serve with blue cheese dressing and celery sticks
  3. Taquitos: Warm some corn tortillas, just until flexible. Place some already prepared taco meat and shredded cheese in each of them and roll. Baste with vegetable oil and bake on 350F until crispy.
  4. Fried Zucchini: Cut zucchini into ¼ inch slices. Heat ¼ inch frying oil in skillet; sprinkle each slice with garlic powder, lemon pepper, and parmesan cheese. Fry until golden brown and flip; repeat steps. (Hint: wipe out oil with paper towel after each batch of zucchini to avoid blackening)
  5. Easy Nacho Cups: Using Tostitos Scoops, place a spoonful of already prepared warm taco meat in each scoop and top with shredded cheese. Top with your favorite nacho toppings such as sour cream, salsa, sliced black olives, jalapeño slices, chopped onion and chopped tomatoes.
  6. Cheese Puffs: Put 2 cups shredded sharp cheddar cheese and ½ lb. Butter in food processor and mix until smooth. Add a cup of flour and mix well. Roll out to ¼ inch thickness. Cut dough into 2-inch squares. Wrap a pimento olive with each square, sealing the seams. Place on cookie sheet and bake on 350F until golden brown and crispy.
  7. Burgers are always good on the 4th of July
  8. White corn on the cob served in a red or blue glass bowl.
  9. Blue tortilla chips served with red salsa and sour cream.
  10. Sliced red tomatoes served with slices of mozzarella.
  11. Red pepper slices served with a blue cheese dip on the side.
  12. Blue Jell-O with raspberries and topped with whipped cream.
  13. Star shaped sugar cookies with white frosting and red and blue sprinkles.
  14. A large clear, glass bowl of mixed blueberries and strawberries accompanied by a bowl of whipped cream.




Sweet Summer Tea (I know it’s not red, white and blue, but it’s so American)


Red, White and Blue Freezee: Mix together 1 cup whipping cream, ½ cup frozen blueberries, 1 tsp. Lemon juice, and sugar to taste in a blender. Top with a few strawberries.


Fourth of July Punch: Blend together 6 cups of orange juice, 20 oz. Frozen strawberries in syrup and 2 cups cranberry juice cocktail. Add 3 cups ginger ale at serving time. Makes 18 servings


Now for some other ways to make your Fourth of July party sparkle (pun intended).


  • If you are outside (Always Remember Safety), stick some lit sparklers in a dish when serving it.
  • Watch a movie like the Independence Day or Captain America or some other positive movie that portrays our nation.
  • Have American themed songs playing in the background, Living in America, America the Beautiful, Born in the USA and so on.
  • Dress in red, white and blue.
  • Wear some of those funny star-shaped sunglasses or star-spangled hats
  • Decorate a door or window with red, white and blue streamers or balloons.
  • Be sure to hang an American flag if you have one.

God be with you until we meet again. Have a safe and happy 4th of July!



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