Many States May End Daylight Savings Time, Do You Live in One?

If our elected leaders ever decide to end daylight savings time; I’ll be as happy as a clam at high tide. My ears perked up when I heard some States are considering permanently ending daylight savings time.
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Elected officials in 10 states have proposed legislation that would opt their states out of daylight saving time including Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Washington.

Source: States Consider Dropping Day Light Savings Time

Maybe I should write my congressman or woman and let them know how I feel about our government tinkering with the time twice a year. The reasons most people give for why we have Daylight Savings time are either untrue or no longer valid. Some people think it was done to help farmers. The truth is farmers don’t like daylight savings time any more than I do. Farmers schedule their days with the sun no matter what time a clock says. Add to that, the trouble of changing their routine, to do business with people who observe DST and DST becomes a headache for farmers
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DST began during World War I as a way to cut fuel use during the war. Some parts of the United States continued to used daylight savings time after the war, and some communities didn’t. DST wasn’t used again nationally until World War II. The war ended on September 2, 1945, so why are we still using daylight savings time?

Arizona and Hawaii have already opted out and stay on permanent Standard Time. Now, several other States are thinking about using a single standard of time year-round. No more changing the clocks back and forth, yeah!

Next, the question is in which directions should states move — permanently back, or permanently forward?

Source: Vox

What do you think? Do you like standard time or day light saving time?

To see how States considering opting out, plan to change the way they keep track of time, click here: A Bunch of States Want to Get Rid of Day Light Savings Time. Is Your State One of Them?

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