January 12

How to Start the New Year Right!



Starting the year off on the right foot can make an enormous difference on where you’re at by year’s end. A new year often begins with resolutions, choices, and responsibilities. How do you start the year off right? Well, the first thing you should do, is do everything within your power to stay healthy. Many health problems have their beginnings in our diet, and we can control that to a large extent. A healthy diet provides us with many benefits. The right fuel will give you more energy, put you in a better mood and help you to feel great. You wouldn’t put water in your car’s gas tank would you? Your body is much more complicated than a car and requires the proper fuel. Check out the links above for some great ideas on eating right.

How to start the New Year right? Second let’s get some exercise; it will help keep our bodies running right, protect us from stress and make us more confident. Once again I’ll use a car to help illustrate this. What happens to a car if you park it in the backyard and never drive it? If no one starts it up regularly, after a few days, the car will not be able to start-up due to a dead battery. If it stays in the backyard long enough, it will begin to fall apart. We also need action and movement to stay in good condition. Our bodies only need moderate exercise to see results. In fact, a daily morning or evening walk can do wonders for our health. Every person has to figure out what’s best for them, when it comes to exercise. The important thing is you need to get out of the car or off the couch and do something. You have to have a plan you can stick to; you want to start something that you will continue to do all year-long. So don’t over do it when beginning an exercise program. I’m starting my year off by taking a good walk three to four times a week. When our schedules permit, Nicky and I like to go on walks together. It’s like a mini date and gives us time to get out of the house and talk.

Third, we also must drink plenty of water to stay fit. We see many sports drinks and a lot of supposedly healthy drinks in stores, but nothing can substitute for good old plain water. Remember you will need to increase your water intake when exercising. Drinking water has many benefits, some of them not so well-known. How much water do you need to drink every day? A standard recommendation is to drink six or eight 8-ounce glasses of water or other fluid every day. But some adults may need more or less, depending on how healthy they are, how much they exercise, and how hot and dry the climate is. You may sometimes need to drink more water than usual if you, exercise in a hot climate or if you’re sick such as with the flu or have a health problem. So keep your body properly hydrated and it will thank you with better health.

Fourth and lastly, one thing, which we overlook in our go-go world, is getting enough rest. We require rest. It’s not optional. Our bodies must have time to repair and reenergize. Not getting enough sleep is not only unhealthy it’s dangerous. Several studies have shown that, tired driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving. Not only that but the amount of rest you get affects your immune system. So if you want to know how to start the New Year off right, make sure you get enough rest.

There, you have it, please check out the links in the above article. The sites they go to are useful and have plenty of good information. I hope that you will find something in them that will help you have a great start to 2015. God be with you until we meet again!



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