Sweet potatoes or Yams, what’s on your table?

Sweet Potatoes Candied Yams

Which tastes better, Sweet Potatoes or Yams? Every since I was a boy, I’ve always wondered what is the difference between these two vegetables. Truthfully I didn’t think there was a difference. Sort’a like the fact that where I grew up, we drink pop with our lunch. Out here in California they call it soda.  On one of our visits to Kansas City, when she was small,  Day came and asked me what a pop was. I think she thought it was a pop on the hand for being bad or something like that.We still have a good laugh when I remind her about it.

Sweet Potatoes or Yams?

Before you start eating the Candied Yams this Christmas you might want know that they’re not Yams. In the video below the President of the Sweet Potato Council, tells us the truth about Yams. You’ll also learn that Yams in America are soul food with a dark history.

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Merry Christmas! God be with you until we meet again.

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