Unbelievable Leap Year Babies, No One Believes Their Age

Leap Year Babies

Leap year babies have hassles most of us can only dream about; what day to celebrate your birthday on during non-leap years is only one of them. Some parents think it’s so bad that they don’t want their baby to be born on leap day.

As soon as Noel Ziegler learned in July 2007 that she was pregnant with a March 5 due date, she realized she might give birth on leap day — Feb. 29, 2008 — and dreaded it.

Source: A Lot of Parents Don’t Want Their Kids to be Born on Leap Day

The way I see it, being born on leap day also has its share of perks. You get to join exclusive clubs like the Honor Society for Leap Year Babies and special Facebook pages. You stay young for a lot longer than the rest of us because your birthday only comes around every four years, just like the Olympics.

Leap Year Babies

I would love to continue this conversation with Sunrise, Florida, resident Daisy Bell. She was born on February 29th, 1916 and will celebrate her 25th or 100th, depending on how you look at it, birthday today. She is believed to be the oldest living Leaper in Florida and possibly the nation. Wow! Think of all the things that she has seen. The fact that she’s getting a Centennial Certificate, issued by President Barack Obama our nation’s first black President, is something that never could have happened when she was actually 25 years old. Now, that’s what I call special.

Ward’s family is marking her 25th leap year birthday with a weekend-long celebration in which she’ll be honored by city officials, see a gospel performance led by recording artist Dottie Peoples and attend an all-white gala, where she’ll be presented with the Centennial Certificate issued by President Barack Obama.

Source: CNN

Happy Birthday to all the Leap Year Babies out there and a special shout out to “Big Daisy”. See you again soon, and have a nice week.

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