February 16

The Best 3 Things A Father Can Do For His Daughter



What’s the Best Thing A Father Can Do For His Daughter? Dad’s have the greatest job in the world and it doesn’t matter whether you have daughters or sons. It’s wonderful being a father; furthermore, dads and daughters have a special bond.

Which brings me to the question. What’s the best thing we can do to protect and nurture our daughters? Getting the right answer is critical for her safety, and my peace of mind.

As Protector-in-Chief I want to teach her ground rules, universal laws, and life hacks; that will help her get ahead and avoid trouble. To complicate matters, she also needs to know that it will take more than just rules and laws to stay safe and advance through life. That’s where knowing the Lord gives her and me a tremendous edge.

Joshua 24:15 Message Version (MSG)

“If you decide that it’s a bad thing to worship, then choose a god you’d rather serve—and do it today. Choose one of the gods your ancestors worshiped from the country beyond the River, or one of the gods of the Amorites, on whose land you’re now living. As for me and my family, we’ll worship God.”

The Best 3 Things A Father Can Do For His Daughter

1)   Talk to her, but be sure to listen to her too. Listen to her music when you’re riding together in the car. Teach her to be independent by making sure she knows how to

  • check the oil level in her car, 
  • use jumper cables
  • change a tire.

She should be able to do minor household maintenance,

  • hang a picture,
  • take out the trash
  • unstop a toilet

You get the picture. Of course, once she begins dating if a young man is courting her and he’s around; there’s no way she should have to unstop a toilet. If she does, I’ll talk about that next.

It’s important not to treat her as if she is as fragile as a piece of glass. I know that’s easier said than done. She should always be a lady but when the going gets tough, she needs to know how to react, and glass doesn’t always do well in storms. She’s got to know how to take care of herself`.


2)   Let her know about guys. Teach her about having standards and not falling for dumb stuff. Our daughter’s not dating yet, but she knows that boys should open the door for girls, offer to carry heavy packages and not use foul language.

My sons open the door for their mother and their sister. The law of the house is ladies first. Chivalry isn’t dead yet. I teach her how she should be treated by setting an example in how I treat her mom.

DEFCON 1 ALERT! Tell her that if she sees any of these warning signs in a guy’s behavior, RUN AWAY as fast as she can and don’t look back

  • extreme jealousy or insecurity
  • constant put-downs
  • possessiveness or treating you like property
  • telling you what to do
  • constantly checking in on you
  • explosive temper
  • making false accusations
  • isolating you from your friends and family
  • preventing you from doing things you want to do

3)   Last, always tell her she is beautiful. I once read that a dad is his son’s first hero and his daughter’s first love. When you compliment her be specific. If she has a beautiful voice or a dazzling smile, let her know. Girls look up to their fathers. If you compliment her early in life, she won’t be quickly swept off her feet by the first, Tom, Dick or Harry who tells her she has pretty eyes.

Don’t only talk about her physical appearance. When she does well on a test in school, make sure to tell her how proud you are. If she can draw, praise her artwork. When she does something good always make sure she knows you noticed. Most importantly, make sure she knows that you love her unconditionally. One hug is worth a thousand words.

Do these three things, and in the future, you’ll be happy you did.


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