You Won’t Have Any Privacy When This Company Gets Finished

Imagine that you’re riding on the bus and some stranger snaps a picture of you. Next he goes home plops down in front of the computer or even uses his cell phone to upload your picture and finds out you name, where you work and heaven forbid, he gets your address. Is this legal? “The […]

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How To Find A Good Vacation Spot Based On Funds And Weather

Picking a good vacation spot just got easier thanks to a website dedicated to making The Great Escape from work and home. I’m hooked on this site already. Want to go somewhere where the weather is cold? How about hot? They’ve got a filter for that. Maybe you want to choose a destination based on price. Great Escapes […]

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Flu season is here

I talked earlier about getting your flu shots. Have you gotten your’s yet? Are you waiting until later??? Later is not always good. Case in point. I’ll file my taxes later. I’ll take my wife out on a date later. You get the picture. Here’s our first official warning the flu has arrived.

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When is the Best Time to Get a Flu Shot?

Right now is the best time to get a flu shot. Yes, getting a Flu Shot is something you can do every year to put the odds in your favor when it comes to the flu.  No, flu shots aren’t part of a vast Government plot to turn you into a vegetarian. No, I haven’t stopped […]

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She’s Left the Building Rest in Peace Ms. Diahann Carroll

Diahann Carroll was class in person. I still remember the excitement surrounding her TV series Julia. And who can forget Dominique Deveraux. The Tweet below says it all, “Ciao for now!” View this post on Instagram One of my favorite actresses, the iconic Ms. Diahann Carroll, passed today at age 84. One of my favorite […]

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Don’t Feel Like Leaving the House? Marshalls Just Made Your Life Easier

Front Entrance to Marshalls Store

Marshalls just gave me another reason to stay home and shop from the comfort of my Easy-Chair. It’s official Marshalls just opened an online store.  Prepare to be surprised whenever you visit their store; there’s no telling what you might find, and their website promises the same experience. Their slogan is “Your Surprise Is Waiting and Never […]

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4 Proven Tips That Successful People Use Every Day

I woke up this morning, cooked some smoothered potatoes and over-easy eggs for breakfast and later, while exploring the internet I saw these remarkable tips. If you’ve ever looked at any of my blogs. Or my Facebook page for familyopolis you know how I love good quotes. Mr. Ruiz words exploded off the screen. They […]

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