Food remedies for your appearance

Food Remedies For Vitamin Deficiencies Your Appearance Reveals

A plant-based and balanced diet is the easiest way to get minerals and vitamins into your body. On top of that, if your missing essential vitamins the best way to get them is to eat them in your food. A blood test can detect vitamin inadequacies, so, by all means, see your doctor regularly. It’s […]

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health foods to eat

10 Health Foods to Eat Every Day

10 Health Foods to Eat That Can Prevent Disease Curious about how to live a long healthy life? Here are 10 healthy foods you should eat that will tip the odds in your favor. It’s estimated that 80% of cancers are preventable? Some illnesses are caused by environmental issues we can’t prevent,  or our genetics, and even […]

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Your best survival tool a smart phone

10 “MacGyver” Ways to Turn Your Smart Phone Into Your Best Survival Tool

In an emergency, a smartphone can quickly become your best survival tool. Notably, our cell phones are now our constant companions. My cell phone is never far away. It’s part of my everyday carry or EDC. Surfing the internet, I found several ways to use a smart phone as an essential item in my emergency […]

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summer safety tips girl jumping into lake

Summer Safety Tips That Will Prevent Catastrophe

Getting Serious About Family Safety Summer’s on the way, soon swimming and water-related activities will take center stage. Water sports and play are a popular way of enjoying the hot weather and getting some physical activity during the summer. A dip in the pool also has many health benefits. Here are some summer safety tips […]

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free college classes

Free Ivy League College Classes

Completely Free College Classes Free college courses anyone? Ivy League schools Brown, Harvard, Cornell, Princeton and other premier colleges now offer free online classes. Today I discovered another incredible resource. 250 Ivy League courses you can take online right now for free. The classes are a bargain, as in free of charge, and they are a […]

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Ocean of Plastic is Killing Sea Life, Are We Next?

While I was out, I discovered some frightening information. This stuff could have come straight out of a science fiction book, (think Mad Max and the Thunder Dome or Soylent Green). If I had any doubts that Man is completely laying waste to the earth. Those doubts disappeared after I discovered this 10-ton elephant in […]

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What foods are high in antioxidants tomatoes

What Foods Are High in Antioxidants?

Why Foods High in Antioxidants are good for you Eating antioxidant-rich superfoods gives you a big head start on staying healthy. We should eat an assortment of fruits and vegetables daily. Our creator filled the earth with plenty of healthy foods for us to eat, and experts now say our bodies do best with a plant […]

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How Sickle Cell Disease is Treated

How Sickle Cell Disease is Treated, French Teens Recovery Is a Game Changer

A French teenager’s miraculous recovery may soon change How Sickle cell disease is treated. I was beginning to think that sickle cell would never be conquered during my lifetime, but there is new hope on the horizon. In brief, Sickle cell disease (SCD) is a group of inherited red blood cell disorders. SCD causes people to have […]

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Happy healthy long life on the beach

How to live a Happy, Healthy, Long Life

Basic Steps to a Happy Healthy Long Life Wouldn’t it be great to live a happy, healthy, long life? The 11 super easy steps at the end of this post will give us better odds of living a long and healthy life. Barring genetics and environment, there are lots of things we can do to […]

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