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Delicious Brown Bag Lunch Drinks

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Nothing finishes off a meal like a refreshing drink. Lunch is no different. When I was a kid, I used to buy an ice cold milk to go along with my sack lunch. Milk is good, but it needs to be cold. Keep reading to find out what types of lunch drinks are good for you, and complement the food you have in your lunch.

Milk is a wholesome drink. You can buy one or two percent milk as an alternative to whole milk. Two percent milk also comes in chocolate. Milk provides protein, calcium, and Vitamin D for the body. Cold milk is good with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or chicken salad.

Water is always best

Water is a splendid choice for a refreshing drink. Our bodies are ninety percent water. We need water every day. Our bodies need more when we are active. If your job is physically demanding or it’s hot during the day, you can use extra water.

Drinking five to seven glasses of water a day helps to flush impurities out of our system and keep our skin glowing. Bottled water works well in brown bag lunches. A bottle of water is easy to carry, and it won’t break or spill as long as the top is on tight.

Many people don’t like the taste of water or they might want a drink with a little flavor to it. Let us say that you want something besides plain water for lunch every day. You can still make a healthy choice by adding a packet of flavoring to your water. Not only does Crystal Light make drink mix sticks, but Kool-Aid and other drink companies also offer flavors to tease and tempt the tongue. Put a different water flavoring in your lunch each day. Beautiful Waterfall

You could also try one of the many flavors of flavor-infused water sold in your local grocery store. Or better yet, for a healthier and cheaper option make your own flavored water. To make infused water use the Breezit 24 oz Sports Water Bottle with Infusers BPA Free Tritan Plastic-Dual Purpose Travel Bottles for Men and Women-Enjoy Infused Water with Included Fruit Infusion Recipe. This water bottle is very inexpensive; it can be used with or without the infuser. It’s an excellent way to take your water to work, and it will pay for itself in about a week, depending on how much you drink.

Fruit juices are okay but not every day. Many nutritionists believe that you shouldn’t drink more than eight ounces of juice a day. And, that juice needs to be 100 percent real juice. Juice that is less than 100% juice, adds unnecessary sugar to your diet. For your body to get the full benefit of an apple or an orange, it is best to eat the actual fruit instead of drinking the juice.

Drinks wash down the food we eat and are an important part of our lunch, so why not drink something that taste good, and is good for us? What are our choices?

Prepackaged drinks?

  • Most prepackaged drinks are loaded with sugar, so avoid them. The extra calories from the sugar may cause you to gain weight or worse it may increase your risk of type 2 diabetes according to the Harvard School of Public Health
  • Sports drinks are designed primarily for athletes and people putting high demands on their bodies. These drinks contain carbs, sodium and electrolytes. If you are not putting high-intensity demands on your body, they’re just another source of sugar and calories.
  • Many people are drinking energy drinks. Energy drinks also contain a lot of sugar, and most have enough caffeine in them to raise your blood pressure. The long-term health effects of the additives in some energy drinks is unknown at this time. Can you say guinea pig?

More good choices

I think it’s best for me to bring my own drink. First I’ll need something to carry it in. Earlier in this article I mentioned an exquisite water bottle. But what if I want to keep my drink cold or hot? This link to Amazon will take you to some amazing choices for drink containers.

  • One of my favorite lunch drinks is Green Tea. Green Tea has many health benefits, and it’s also refreshing.
  • Low sodium V8 or some other low sodium vegetable drink is an excellent way to put some extra nutrients into your body.
  • If I am going to drink juice for lunch, I’ll usually drink cranberry, orange or apple and sometimes grapefruit juice.

I hope I gave you some good ideas for lunch drinks. Be sure to check out the Breezit flavor infusing water bottle. I did some research on it and I think it’s an excellent product. That’s all for now, Have a terrific week, God be with you until we meet again.


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