July 13

Dangerous Foods You Need To Stop Eating Now

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Hi, just in case you noticed; Familyopolis has been on vacation schedule for the past couple of weeks and blog posts have been a little sporadic. I took some time off from my day job and spent some time with family and friends. I’ve got one more week off so my posting may still be a little irregular for another week or two. My vacation will be over soon, stay tuned. I’m always looking forward to my next post and thanks for reading.

Dangerous Foods

In then meantime, I ran across some valuable information I just have to let you know about. Did you know that some of the stuff the food industry sells is crap? Well, maybe you knew that already, but did you know some of the junk we buy is also dangerous to eat? This info blew my socks off. I’ve recognized for a while that there is a difference between food (examples include rice, corn, chicken, beans, etc.) and food products (examples include hotdogs, potato chips, cheez whiz, microwave popcorn, etc.) But I didn’t realize how dangerous some food products are for us to eat.food_sale

To make matters worse some of these extremely unhealthy foods are advertised as being healthy options.

Coffee creamers contain titanium dioxide, an ultraviolet radiation blocker that doubles as a whitening agent. Besides conventional creamers, it’s also found in so-called ‘healthy’ bottles like So Delicious’ coconut milk-based varieties.


Yuck! How did they get away with that, I guess we can’t depend on the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to protect us from everything. Without a doubt, we need to start checking food ingredient labels for ourselves. What should you look for when checking food labels? A great place to start learning is the American Heart Association’s page, Understanding Ingredients on Food Labels. This page is an excellent starting point to discover how to interpret sugar, salt, and trans fat content. The big three, of things to limit in our diets. poison foods

Want more dope on some of the awful stuff we eat? Click here and read 9 Foods You Should Never Eat After Age 30, The article says that you shouldn’t eat these food products after age 30, but I think your best bet is not to eat them at all. Let me know what you think.

Stay safe out there. God be with you until we meet again.




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