January 18

Expert Advice, How to Survive an Active Shooter Video

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It seems like every month there is an active shooter situation at a business or workplace in America. What if there were an active shooter video that could help you stay alive. Something for just in case, you are ever trapped in a building with a madman who has a gun.

I’ve taught my family and often remind them the same lessons my father taught me. Whenever you enter a room or building, the first thing you should do is find out where all the exits are. If it’s a house, you should know where the back door is. Above all, if someone is shooting a weapon, you need to get low to the ground and try to escape. I remind them that when escape was impossible; a child survived a mass shooting with the help of God, by playing dead.

As I looked for advice on how to come out of an active shooter situation alive, I found several videos dealing with the subject.  When I started writing this article, I only planned to use one active shooter video. But I found three short videos I think you need to see. I particularly like the advice in the first one. The advice says that you increase your odds of surviving if you have at least thought about what you would do in a spot like this.

This next active shooter video shows a realistic picture of people under attack, and the actions they take to defend themselves. It also gives an excellent tip about how you can secure some doors with a belt.

The last video was put out by the F.B.I. I definitely want to know anything The G-Men have to say about active shooters.

One Hour FEMA Active Shooter Course

I hope that you found the videos informative. I chose these three videos because they are short, the longest is 10 minutes long; and packed with vital information that could save your life!

To conclude, I saved the source I feel has the most valuable information, for last, (it pays to read some articles to the end, or, at least, look at the end first).  —-The Federal Emergency Management Agency—-  has an outstanding one-hour long course on what to do if you are ever caught up with an active shooter on the loose. If you own a business, this is great training for your employees; it is a worthwhile course for anyone in this day and age. Best of all, it’s free, that’s right; it won’t cost you one thin dime. To access the FEMA online training for surviving an active shooter situation Click Here

Let’s continually pray for victims of gun violence and their families. See you soon, God be with you until we meet again.


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