October 13

How To Find A Good Vacation Spot Based On Funds And Weather



Picking a good vacation spot just got easier thanks to a website dedicated to making The Great Escape from work and home. I'm hooked on this site already.

Want to go somewhere where the weather is cold? How about hot? They've got a filter for that. Maybe you want to choose a destination based on price. Great Escapes has that covered too. 

To use the site, enter where you're traveling from, and it will give you the price of destination all over the globe. When I first discovered this site, I must have spent an hour just playing around with it and fantasizing about all the different places I'd like to visit.

The site also has several other filters that you can use besides price and weather, but I particularly like how I can set a temperature range. I just set a filter for say, 65-75 degrees, and it will narrow down my choices based on that temperature range.

Check it out. I'm sure you'll find GreatEscape.co a handy addition to all the other travel sites that we use.

Oh yeah, did mention that you can also cut down your choices based on safety? Be careful out there. See you soon


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