How to Pack a Suit Like an Airline Pilot

How to pack a suit

Spring is here and many folks will take a summer vacation soon. Some of you will  to spend Memorial Day and The Fourth of July with . Once you get to your destination, some of you are going to need a dress suit. What’s the best way to pack a suit? When I see airline pilots in the airport, they always look crisp as a sunny spring morning and sharp.



I used to pack my suit into a garment bag in my younger years; Garment bags are perfect for keeping a suit wrinkle free. But now that most airlines charge extra for each bag you check-in, and traveling is always easier the fewer bags you carry, I decided to find a better way to pack a suit. The video below shows you an excellent way to pack your suit into a carry-on. When you unpack it, will still look very fresh and need little or no ironing.

How to Pack a Suit

So if you’re going to a party or better yet going to church when you get to where you’re going, remember this packing trick.

While you’re out and about stay safe and keep aware of your surroundings. Have a nice vacation, you deserve it.




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