November 2

Instant Noodles May Increase Risk of Heart Disease

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Did you know that researchers in South Korea have found a strong link between heart disease and instant noodles? The pre-cooked dried noodles, also known as ramen noodles come with a sodium filled flavoring powder packet and might also contain a seasoning oil packet. This fast food has often been criticized as a meal without nutrients. Despite this fact, college students, children, and adults looking for fast, easy to cook, hot food, rely on this staple for people on a tight budget.

South Korean Instant Noodles Study

Researchers in South Korea, a country with some of the highest instant noodle consumption in the world decided to do a study. The health professionals want to examine the effects of instant noodles on our bodies. What they found out wasn’t good.

 “Instant noodles are high in fat, high in salt, high in calories, and they’re processed — all those factors could contribute to some of the health problems [the researchers] addressed,” said New York University professor Lisa Young who was not involved in the study. Source: The Washington Post

Instant noodles are cheap, convenient, and tasty. But the study suggests that there are health risks associated with eating instant noodles.

To see a doctor’s view of the dangers of eating instant ramen noodles everyday, take a look at detailed results of the South Korean study here

Secret Video, The Dangers of Instant Noodles

After watching this video, I don’t think that I’ll be able to eat Ramen Noodles again without seeing this weird picture in my head so watch with caution if you plan to continue to eat instant noodles.


The News Is Not All Bad

In any case, Dr. Hu said, instant noodles are not part of a healthy diet. “Once or twice a month is not a problem,” he said. “But a few times a week really is.”

If you still want to eat ramen noodles after watching the video, you should take a look at How to Make Your Instant Noodles Healthier Instantly. This article has several tips about the best ways to prepare top ramen, so the dish is healthier for your body.

This post was bad news for me because I have always enjoyed a quick, delicious bowl of steaming ramen noodles. Maybe I can eat them once a month? How about you? Do you like instant noodles?

Be safe out there, see you soon.



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