November 9

Totally Free iPhone Photography Lessons From Apple



iPhone Cameras Keep Getting  Better

iPhone cameras keep getting better and better. Let's take our iPhone photography skills up to the next level? There's so much more you can do with your iPhone camera besides take a fast snapshot or selfie.

Do You want to learn how to take dramatic portrait shots, clear close-ups, and elaborate panoramic shots? Apple wants to show you stuff like how to take advantage of available light for special effects.

After you learn all these expert tricks you'll be an iPhone photography ace. Interested? Apple provides a video tutorial site just to teach you these mobile phone photography tricks.

Apple's How to shoot

To get these tips just click here or the Cool Orange button below and go straight to Apple's "How to shoot" site.

Also visit Apple's official YouTube channel and watch Apples camera tutorial videos to get even more info on using your iPhone.

Want to take your photography skills to the next level? How about learning how to take better portrait shots than you could take even if you used a selfie stick and a Nikon D5. If that sounds like fun then check out this amazing instructional and reference piece I found while researching this post; 

Portrait Photography: The Ultimate Resource for Making the Perfect Portrait

It's a brilliant reference that I've used more than a couple of times.

See you soon. Have fun with your camera, uh I mean phone.


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