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Is Amazon Prime Worth It? 24 Reasons It’s a Bargain.



I originally signed up for Amazon Prime for the free 2-day delivery. Wifey and I order enough stuff from Amazon that free shipping saves us a lot of money. Getting most items delivered our front door in just 2 days is a home run. Now we’re using Prime’s streaming video service and I’m seriously thinking about dropping Spotify and using Amazon’s music service.

I’m delighted with my Amazon Prime membership and will definitely renew my membership before it expires. If you’re interested in Primes special bargains and thinking about to jumping onboard, this articles for you.

So what do you get for $8.25 a month???

Well, let’s dive in and see all of the things you can do with your Amazon Prime account. Fasten your seatbelt and hold on, this list is supersized.Free Two-Day Shipping

  1. Free Two-Day Shipping
  2. This is the primary reason I joined Amazon Prime in the first place, free two day shipping and what made it popular, to begin with. Whenever you see the small blue “Prime” logo next to an item, that means it ships it free and will be on your doorstep within 48 hours. This benefit definitely makes you feel special. Just remember, not every product gets {shipped free, so make sure you see the Prime logo. You’ll find a variety of items that do.

  3. Free Same-Day Delivery
  4. Picture clicking on an item and receiving it the same day with no shipping charges. Right now this only works in certain ZIP codes – mainly, ZIP codes near an Amazon distribution warehouse – but for people lucky enough to live in these hubs, same-day delivery is an incredible feature.

  5. Prime Now
  6. If receiving an item the same day is not fast enough you can use Prime Now and get some items within two hours if you live in the right place. Only a little bit of Amazon’s stock is available on Prime Now, but that still more than 10,000 items and the list is growing.

  7. Amazon Family
  8. Are you a parent? If you are I’m sure you know that kids aren’t cheap. With direct access to Amazon Family, you’ll get 20 percent off diaper subscriptions.
    If you’ve got a baby on the way put your baby registry online. Amazon Family also gives you 15 percent off certain products. You can even create a special profile just for your child, and Amazon will help you pick out what you need.

  9. Prime Photos
  10. A Prime membership also gives you access to Prime Photos, Amazon’s cloud storage feature. Members get unlimited storage for photos, plus 5 GB for videos and documents.

  11. Amazon Restaurants
  12. For a $20 minimum order, you can get restaurant food delivered in less an hour in Manhattan, Orlando, Los Angeles, and 17 other metro areas.

  13. Free Release Date Delivery
  14. This is a perk I have never heard of: Assume you’re expecting a new book from one of your favorite authors to come out soon. You can’t wait for a new book to be released by your favorite author so you can at long last read it. Now you don’t have to. The second the book’s released it’ll ship to you free of charge. Many items are available the moment they come out.

  15. Prime Video
  16. With several online video services available it can be hard to chose one to stick with. Amazon Video produces great movies and with all the other Prime benefits streaming movies for free is an unbelievable bargain. Prime members also get a humongous selection flicks they can rent or purchase. Amazon makes their content available for download, so you can watch a movie on that plane ride.

  17. Prime Music
  18. You can listen to Amazon’s over two million songs through its streaming service Amazon Music Unlimited. Amazon’s music streaming cost $9.99 for non-members. Prime members get the Service, for $7.99 per month.

  19. Prime Photos
  20. Running out of room to store your pictures after all those vacations and holidays? Do you have so many photos you don’t know what to do with them? Prime membership includes access to Prime Photos, Amazon’s cloud storage feature. Members get unlimited storage for photos, plus 5 GB for videos and documents. You even get to use its excellent search features to find that picture you’re looking for.

  21. Prime Pantry
  22. With Prime Pantry you can order low-priced groceries and everyday household items then get them shipped straight to your front door for a flat rate of $5.99. That’s super convenient and the best part is it’s available everywhere in the  U.S. except Alaska, Hawaii. If you order five or more qualifying items, Amazon will waive the delivery charge. Shop on Amazon.com for low-priced everyday essentials – breakfast, snacks, cooking, beverages, personal care, cleaning, pet food, health, nutrition. It’s like shopping at your local grocery store without the carts, cashiers, or car.

  23. Amazon Elements
  24. What is Amazon Elements? Basically, this is where you find basic over-the-counter health items, like calcium pills and baby wipes. If you’re into health products but don’t want to break the bank buying them, Prime members get access to the Amazon Elements storefront.

  25. Amazon Dash
  26. Did you know there’s a button in your laundry room you can push, and Amazon would immediately send you a new bottle of Tide? That’s what Amazon’s Replenishment Service does. And Amazon Dash makes the process of ordering much faster.  You can press a button or scan a products barcode with your smartphone. At the press of a Dash Button you can buy a whole cartload of household products in seconds.

  27. Prime Early Access
  28. Do you think that desired item might sell out before you get a chance to buy it? Prime Early Access solves that problem by letting you order things 30 minutes before they are released to the general public. Amazon calls them “Lightning Deals,” and you get secret info on the sale before everyone else.

  29. Amazon Prime Store Card
  30. The Amazon Prime Store Card is terrific, but did you know this? This credit card gives you a 5 percent refund. Cardholders get a refund every month in the form of a statement credit

    It only applies approved items, but it’s still a pretty good deal if you shop a lot on Amazon and keep an eye on items that receive the credit. If you don’t like that idea, you can use the credit for promotional offers, which might help you with those expensive dream-purchases.

  31. Prime Reading
  32. Prime Reading broadens your reading selection. You are given to access to hundreds of magazines and other periodicals. You can use a wide range of literature for a set amount of time and read them on your Kindle. No Kindle? No sweat. You can download the Kindle app on just about any mobile device.

  33. Kindle First
  34. Similar to early access Early Access, Kindle First gives you first divs on books before anyone else. Each month, the Kindle First editors get together and decide on six titles to make available; then you can download one of those books for free. The lists depend on the editors, but if you like to read different genres you’ll probably enjoy the surprise.

  35. Audible Channels for Prime
  36. Audiobook users were surprised after Audible, released Audible Channels, a quickly growing directory of free podcasts. This streaming service offers everything from short fiction to classics to original audio dramas You could spend all day listening different podcasts, all for free.

  37. Amazon FreeTime Unlimited
  38. For $2.99 per month, parents can find tons of books, educational games, and TV  made especially for kids. Amazon Unlimited is a no-brainer for families with children. Free-time is a parent-approved, all-in-one subscription service for kids, that offers unlimited access to thousands of activities for kids.

  39. Washington Post Free Trial
  40. It’s crazy, good newspapers may be decreasing in numbers, but their monthly subscriptions can still be expensive. Prime gives you a six-month free trial subscription the Washington Post, courtesy of Amazon. The free trial is a limited time offer though, so get it while you still can.

  41. Twitch Prime
  42. Online gamers celebrate! Prime brings you ad-free Twitch.tv, Amazon’s gaming-focused streaming video site. You can also get discounts on games and exclusive pre-orders.

  43. Membership Sharing
  44. Amazon sure makes life easy. Now you can share your Prime membership with your spouse, significant other or best half in my case.  They make it easy to combine your accounts into a single Prime membership.

  45. Amazon Channels
  46. Did you cut the cord but are not satisfied with Netflix or Hulu. Well, Amazon came up with Amazon Channels, to take care of that. With Channels, you get painless access to standard cable networks like HBO, Showtime, and Starz. Use the Amazon Video app to keep up with the latest season of “Homeland” and “Game of Thrones.”

  47. Shopping With Alexa
  48. “Alexa, order some dishwashing detergent!” I saved the best for last. If you Own an Amazon Echo you can shop Amazon hands-free. Only to Prime members can use this feature. Imagine, now you can tell a robot your shopping list and then send her off on a shopping trip, just like it’s 2017.



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