February 24

Michelle Obama Throws out Food Pyramid

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The First Lady, Elmo, and Rosita Partner to Encourage Healthy Food Choices for Kids

The Food Pyramid is Gone Bye, Bye

I recently found out that in 2011, Michelle Obama threw out the Food Pyramid.  Wow, she threw it out and didn’t even bat an eye.

“When a mom or dad comes home from a long day of work, we’re already asked to be a chef, a referee, a cleaning crew,” the first lady said in a press release. “So it’s tough to be a nutritionist, too. But we do have time to look at our kids’ plates.”

Michelle Obama

Source: Huffington Post


Healthy Plate

In 2011, the USDA stopped using the Food Pyramid to picture how a healthy diet should look. The Food Pyramid was replaced with an insightful pictorial introduced by First Lady Michelle Obama named the Healthy Plate.

One Medical Group has used an excellent infographic for years to help people picture what a healthy meal should look like. It’s a terrific illustration that everyone should see at least once. Check it out below. I plan to refer to it often. Also, click on this link the Healthy Plate for more information on how to eat a healthy diet.

Besides ample amounts of vegetables, the foundation for a healthy meal consists of lean protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates, or PFC. If you build your plate like this one, you’ll feel full and satisfied after every meal.

One Medical



God be with you until we meet again, have a great day.


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