March 24

Ocean of Plastic is Killing Sea Life, Are We Next?



While I was out, I discovered some frightening information. This stuff could have come straight out of a science fiction book, (think Mad Max and the Thunder Dome or Soylent Green). If I had any doubts that Man is completely laying waste to the earth. Those doubts disappeared after I discovered this 10-ton elephant in our room. Speaking of elephants, are any left in the wild or have we killed them all?

With so many people hating on others for so many reasons, wrong color, wrong religion, wrong sexual orientation, wrong country, and wrong eye color among other things. Nobody is noticing a silent “invisible” menace that threatens to exterminate us all. It’s invisible because the average person will never see it in their lifetime, but I’m going to show it to you today.

A modern, miracle material that we invented years ago threatens to turn our oceans into vast expanses of toxic soup…  an ocean of plastic.  How long do you think life on Earth can survive if the seven seas become seven poisonous junkyards?

It’s going take all of us working together to fix this. The ocean as a junkyard problem must be solved, or it ‘s going to be game over for us or at least game over for our grandchildren or great-grandchildren

Here’s the problem.

Our world has been over-run with plastic. It’s in all the common items we use every day. We find plastic in our cars, our carpets, our ever-present electronic devices and wrapped around our food. Many of our modern conveniences and accomplishments would not exist without plastic. While researching this post, I found an eye-opening video on YouTube. This video will show you things that very few people have seen. Everyone should see this video so they can see first hand the destruction we are doing to the ocean. I have to warn you that this video has adult language and situations. It is divided into three parts, don’t miss part three.


Part One: Departure to Garbage Island


Over the last sixty years the use of plastic has increased almost twentyfold, with an annual production reaching two hundred eighty million tons in 2011. According to Ellen Gamerman, one million plastic bags are used every minute while the US alone goes through one hundred billion plastic shopping bags annually. The question becomes: Where does all this plastic go?


Part Two: Voyage in an Ocean of Plastic


Wow! Did you see all that garbage and gunk in the middle of the ocean? They are over 1000 miles from any major land mass, and our garbage is everywhere. Even more disturbing is the fact that scientist recently discovered that instead of sticking around for hundreds of years as previously thought. Some plastic products are breaking down into their chemical components in as little as a year and are a source of chemical pollution in the ocean. For more about that see Plastic Breaks Down in Ocean, After All–And Fast.


Part Three: It’s Far Worse Than I Imagined, Arrival at Garbage Island

What are we going to do about this massive garbage dump, twice the size of Texas in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? And to top it off, the Pacific Ocean garbage dump isn’t  the only Ocean Garbage Patch we have to worry about. NASA has located five major Garbage Patches click the link to find out where they are and how they were formed.  No one is talking about it, but we need to make some changes soon. We have to start somewhere. Now I see why Los Angeles has banned single-use plastic bags in grocery stores.

More cities need to follow suite; fast food restaurants need to go back to packaging food in biodegradable, paper containers. Dozens of cities including New York, Washington, D.C., Minneapolis, and San Francisco, have banned Styrofoam containers. Last year, New York collected nearly 30,000 tons of single-use foam. That’s more than six pounds of foam per resident. City schools alone were throwing away 800,000 foam lunch trays a day. We all have to do our part to clean up this mess, so recycle when you can. Do it for your grandkids. We have to teach our children and grandchildren about the dangers of pollution, Give them a head start and read this book to them.

We also should start teaching our children and grandchildren about the dangers of pollution, Give them a head start and read this book to them.  It’s an excellent children’s book with a crucial message. Have a nice week. God be with you until we meet again.

I would love to hear from you. What do you think about this situation? Contact me below.




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