October 4

What Parents Get Wrong About Raising Girls




We hear it over and over that the fastest way to get ahead is to go for broke. However, Saujani explains that we raise our daughters to stay away from hazards and disappointment.  From the time they are born, they’re  taught to avoid taking risks. Girls are urged to play it safe and look for jobs that they know they will excel in. On the other hand young men, are rewarded for being daring individuals. For playing hard, swinging high and taking chances.

Perfection or Excellence

Saujani says their entire lives young ladies are associated with flawlessness and young men are associated with grit. Boys are ingrained with the fact that it’s okay to make a mistake so long as you put forth your best effort. They’re taught to learn from their mistakes and keep it moving. When it comes time to arrange that activity or ask for that raise, young men are straightforward and matter of fact. It isn’t so much that ladies are any less straightforward. It’s that they have been conditioned to think that if something isn’t a sure thing, they should keep making adjustments until it’s perfect. Nothing in life is perfect but excellence is not hard to achieve, all it takes is persistence. I like to call it gumption.

The need for flawlessness versus giving it your best shot and letting it ride shows up in how men and ladies apply for jobs and in many other areas of women’s lives. ” ladies require somewhat more certainty,” Saujani expertly explains her point of view in the T.E.D. Talk above. All I can say is if you have a daughter you owe it to her to check out Saujani’s TED Talk, click on it at the top of this page and get ready for school because class is in session.

[content_container max_width=’500′ align=’center’]”I’m not funny. What I am is brave.” Lucille Ball[/content_container]

T.E.D. stands for Technology Entertainment and Design.  Saujani’s TED Talk is one of the most enlightening talks I’ve seen to date. She hits the nail on the head and we all need to let our girls know that life sometimes involves taking chances and you can’t let the fear of failure stop you from making progress toward your goals.

It’s sort of like writing this post, I can always find different ways to reword things and say them differently. But if I try to get it perfect before I publish it, I’ll never hit the publish button.

Have a wonderful day, see you next time.



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