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Proven Ways to Utilize the Healing Properties of Honey

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Bees produce honey from the nectar of plants. It’s incredible how many ways you can use honey. Did you know that honey is an amazing medicine for certain ailments?

The healing properties of honey are well-known. In fact, the first known official recognition of  honey’s medical uses dates back to the first Egyptian Dynasty and the “Sealer of the Honey.”

Bees and the healing properties of honey

In Niuserre’s Sun temple, bee-keepers are shown in hieroglyphics blowing smoke into hives as they are removing honeycombs. Read more: click here

The Healing Properties of Honey and Babies

Germs from plants, bees, and dust during production, can get in honey. As a rule, the germ-fighting properties of honey keep these organisms from surviving or multiplying. Certain bacteria, which reproduce using spores, including the bacterium that causes botulism, can survive in honey. It’s not likely that you would catch botulism from honey, but there is a minuscule chance so I thought I’d mention the possibility.

The risk of contaminated honey is a greater concern when dealing with our children, especially infants under the age of one.  I saw someone asking the following question while writing this post,

“I’ve heard that I shouldn’t feed my baby honey. is this true?”



It’s true, don’t feed infants less than one-year-old honey. Click here and read why.

If you want to feed your baby honey, it’s best to follow the suggestion by WebMD below.

To solve this problem, only give babies medical-grade honey (Medihoney, for example) is irradiated to sterilize the bacterial spores. Medical-grade honey is also standardized to have consistent germ-fighting activity. Some experts also suggest that medical-grade honey should be collected from hives that are free from germs and not treated with antibiotics, and that the nectar should be from plants that have not been treated with pesticides.
You can use honey for cough, asthma, and hay fever. It is also used for diarrhea and stomach ulcers caused by infection with Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) bacteria. Honey is also used as a source of carbohydrate during vigorous exercise.


Milk and Honey

Honey’s healing properties are mentioned in the Bible, Koran and Torah. Wow! That’s deep. Writing this post made me realize that honey is one of Gods unparalleled gifts to us. Another thing to be thankful for. For more, facts about the healing properties of honey click here.

Make sure you keep plenty of the sticky, sweet stuff around. On top of everything else, it’s also wonderful on toast.

One more thing, make sure you don’t forget to hug your Honey today, God be with you until we meet again.



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