September 25

Quick and delicious Chili Recipe

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photo credit: October 1 – 7, 2009 via photopin (license)

One thing that works great for my family is dad cooking once a week. Before I re-married, I did the cooking for my little family of my daughter Day and I.

One blessing God gave me, is that my wife Nicky is a first-rate cook. I enjoy cooking the few things I’m good at cooking, but my wife Nicky, she can cook a Thanksgiving meal like my Momma did when I was a kid, Nuff said. I usually cook on Thursdays and give her a break, she’s an excellent cook, but she enjoys not having to worry about what we’re going to eat for that one fleeting day, and I like to cook sometimes, so my kitchen skills don’t completely disappear from lack of use. Well, it”s Thursday and here is one of my favorite chili recipes. It’s not hard to cook. I add 1/2 red bell pepper,  1/2 green bell pepper and chopped garlic to taste. The whole family likes it. When we first married it was hard for me to find things for dinner that everyone liked. You will find the recipe right here at AllRecipes. I also enjoy this site; it has rescued me on many Thursdays.




chili, food, recipes

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