How Ruthless Greed is Killing Democracy in America

killing democracy in America

Big Money and greed will soon snuff out true democracy in America. If average people continue to stand around and do nothing. Or worse yet, vote against their own interests, our elections will soon resemble elections in Russia or China. Oh excuse me, I forgot that Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin, is greatly admired by a certain billionaire running for President in our country.

Big Money is Killing Democracy in America

Back when I used to shoot Craps. (For the uninitiated, Craps is a gambling game played with dice.) We had a saying; “Big bank takes little bank. That’s exactly what seems to be happening during this humongous rip-off. Boy! Talk about wealth redistribution. Am I alone? Am I the only one that see’s the fleecing of America?

I guess not, click the link in the Twitter post below. The link right after Patrick M talks about Republican supporters putting on suicide vests. You’ll find a fascinating article, “Democracy is Dying”, it’s about what’s really going on in America.

See you soon, be careful out there.



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