January 29

Should You Filter Tap Water?

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The news about the poisoning of Flint Michigan’s tap water forced me to ask. Do I need to filter tap water? My family only drinks bottled water, but we use tap water for bathing and cooking. The news out of Flint makes it mercilessly clear, even bathing in unsafe water is dangerous for your health.

I admit Los Angeles, faucet water is nowhere near as terrible as the water in Flint. I can’t imagine, not having safe water for my kids. The thought of giving my children lead-tainted water sends cold chills through my body. I’ve added having clean water to the list of things; I thank the Lord for every morning when I get out of bed.

I never thought a whole city of people would have to filter tap water. Not in America; then again, maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. Micheal Moore thinks it’s a racial crime; he has some interesting things to say about this man-made disaster. Click here to listen to him. How could the Governor and his office tell everyone in Flint that the water was okay, and there was nothing wrong; when they knew otherwise. I don’t know if race played a part in the water decisions made by Michigan’s government, but the incident does show that some people value money; much, much more than they value other people.

Should I Filter Tap Water?

The short answer is yes. While the Environmental Protection Agency regulates municipal tap water and sets legal limits on certain contaminants, and most water utilities generally stay within these limits, “some of the legal limits may be too lenient,” said Paul Pestano, a research analyst with the Environmental Working Group. And more than half of the chemicals found in municipal water are not regulated.



Flint Michigan has fresh water all around but must filter tap water
Air, water, food, clothes and shelter, besides air; water is the most important of these elements necessary for us to stay alive on earth. There’s no way around it; your family must have clean water to survive. I don’t think we need water filters out here in L. A., but I still don’t plan to start drinking water from the faucet anytime soon. The story in Flint Michigan is all the more unbelievable when you look at a map and see that Michigan is surrounded by vast freshwater lakes also known as the Great Lakes.

Have a blessed weekend, see you soon.


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