March 18

How surviving a mass shooting changed this woman’s life

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She’s still surviving a mass shooting that happened years ago. She was 16 years old, when she was shot several times by a hate-filled, Nazi-influenced, maniac. Now a grown woman, she was only a child when she was forced into the horrible position of protecting five and six-year-old children from a crazed gunman in the 1999, North Valley Jewish Community Center shooting in Los Angeles.

Would more gun control laws have prevented her from being shot in this mass shooting? Laws will never stop a cold-blooded killer bent on killing people. But they could make a significant difference in the number of individuals a murderer can kill. Outlawing high capacity magazines and assault weapons for everyday citizens is a no brainer. I shouldn’t have to be concerned about surviving a mass shooting every time I step out doors.

No Gun Control Laws, Period.

Besides the second amendment right to own a Howitzer, the other argument that I always hear for no gun control goes something like this. There are already so many guns in circulation that it would be useless to pass any laws restricting the sale of new ones. Using this logic cars still wouldn’t have seat belts. I was very young, but I can still remember when cars didn’t seat belts. What if the government decided that since no cars had them; it was useless to ever begin requiring cars to have them. The federal law making seat belts mandatory on all cars was enacted on January 1, 1968. It took a while for all the older vehicles to go out of service but now in 2016 just about all cars have seat belts.


It is completely insane to continue to allow military assault style, weapons systems to be legally purchased by any Joe Blow who walks in off of the street. A man or woman with an assault weapon and a 100 round magazine becomes an instant killing machine. But don’t take my word for that.  Watch the video above and hear what someone who lived through a baby killing, mass murder’s, deadly rampage; actually went through and what she is still dealing with today, many years later.

God be with you until we meet again.


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