The Huge Secret Many Organic Natural Brands Don’t Tell You

organic natural brand

Some people avoid products from large, mega-food companies and buy food from smaller companies that sell organic natural brands. They assume the smaller brands have healthier products, and are better for the environment. A lot of these smaller brands are making a lot of money in America, the land of hot-dogs and french-fries; by telling us that they are all natural organic brands.

organic natural brands

Many of these niche companies sell excellent products that will help you live a healthy, happy long life. But as these firms popularity and profits grew,… someone was watching

Healthy, environmentally aware brands have seen huge sales growth in recent years, and big names like Coca-Cola, General Mills and Perdue all want a piece of the action.

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What happened next is the big secret no one’s talking about. Capitalizing on the names these smaller specialty companies had built up over time; huge, colossal companies such as Hormel, PepsiCo, Kelloggs and others simply purchased the smaller companies with massive amounts of cash.

Everybody’s happy.—-Right? Not exactly. The Mega-Companies are not particularly interested in you finding out that the small environmentally conscience brand you formerly bought is now owned and produced by a Mega-Company; that has no problem with cutting corners to turn a profit.

Their ownership of once-independent brands isn’t a secret—but it isn’t actively promoted either.

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