The Time Google Taught Me How to Use a Keurig

I’m sitting in my favorite Dentist’s Office with my daughter Day. Day’s home from college on Christmas break and this is the only day I could get an appointment with Dr. Baratian better known as Dr. B. to his patients. I’m surprised by how busy his office is this Saturday, but everything is humming right along like clockwork. Dr B runs a tight ship.

Out of nowhere I spot a Keurig Coffee Brewer on the counter. Did I tell you that this is my favorite dentist of all time? He is always thinking of his clients.

The only thing is that I don’t know how to use it. Hmm. I really could use a free cup of coffee right now. Coffee always tastes better when it’s free. 🙂. I ask Day and she doesn’t know how to use it either.

Fortunately for me I carry around a tiny Super Computer in my pocket. Google to the rescue. “How to use a Keu… I didn’t even finish typing the whole thing when it completes my question for me, Keurig. Within 2 minutes I’m sipping on a delicious cup of 8am original.

Google is famous for helping folks figure out how to do things. If you’re interested here’s a fantastic article about obscure ways to use Google. .

Enjoy and see you soon

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