July 11

Natural Health Food That May Guard Against Dementia



Citrus Fruits like Navel Oranges could be one of the best ways to guard our aging brains against dementia. Forget about Ginko Bilboa (no pun intended) Your number one brain food may very well be in your fruit bowl. A study by the British Journal of Nutrition uncovered that people who eat citrus fruit daily might have less chance of getting dementia.

Researchers studied more than 13,000 elderly Japanese adults. After a nearly six-year follow-up, they found that those who ate citrus fruit daily were 23 percent less likely to experience dementia than those who only enjoyed citrus fruits two or three times a week.

Even after accounting for things, like vegetable consumption, eating other fruits, and various things that could tilt the results. The relationship between eating citrus fruit and dementia didn’t noticeably change. The scientists explained that the link isn’t readily explained using other factors,

Navel Oranges Are Good For You

People eat Mandarin oranges almost every day in the area where the study was performed. It appears that there is something in the citrus that’s protecting their brains. Additionally, the flesh and juice of these fruits contain quite a few particular flavonoids, which may guard the neurons in your brain with their anti-inflammatory properties, the researchers say.

Notably, researchers concluded that further investigation is needed in other communities and locations to make sure the findings are correct. Meanwhile, there’s no downside to eating more fruit. In fact, earlier studies have shown that eating fruit in the right amounts can lower your diabetes risk.

Worried about carbohydrates and if you can eat grapefruit?

Yes! You can eat citrus. Fruits are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and fiber just like vegetables. Fruit contains carbohydrate so you need to count it as part of your meal plan.
American Diabetes Association

There you have it, an orange a day keeps the doctor away. Go ahead and enjoy citrus fruit daily. It just might protect your brain from the deteriorating effects of the environment and time.

See you soon.


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