July 11

Who is my second cousin Once Removed, Anyway?



Second Cousin Once Removed

What does “second cousin once removed” really mean, anyway? Maybe, if we knew the answer; we might stop killing each other because of our race. I mean, we’re really more closely related than we think. Let jump in and find out!

Have you have ever wondered how you are technically related to your distant cousins? The chart above makes it easy to figure out. I was recently visiting with my extended family, and when we all got together, I started thinking about how we all were related. I discovered the chart on the internet and posted it for all the people who have ever asked the question. What does second cousin once removed mean? To find out how “y’all” are related click the link below and see the whole chart.

How to make sense of your family, in one chart – The Washington Post

See y’all later. God be with you until we meet again


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