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5 More Kids Educational Websites, You Need Now



Here are five more kids educational websites that your children will enjoy. I received some wonderful feedback from my earlier post “5 Free Educational Websites for Kids You Need Now. So I’m scouring the web again for first-rate resources that will help your family and mine. I’ve found five more notable, hand-picked, free websites that I’m sure you and your kids will like. Take your time and explore them with your kids. They are all excellent in their areas of education.

  1. National Geographic Kids   Provides facts, photos, videos, games and more about countries, people and animals from around the world. The National Geographic Society is a nonprofit organization. Founded in 1888, they have a lot of experience in their mission of increasing geographical knowledge. They have put together, in my opinion, the best website of its kind on the Internet. Kids of all ages can learn and be entertained by this site.boy-1262989_1280
  2. CK-12 here is a quality website that offers free lessons in STEM subjects (Science, Technology Engineering and Math). They also recently added History and Math textbooks to their site. The site breaks down large traditional textbooks into smaller chunks that students might understand easier. Although the site is named CK-12 most of the material, I saw seemed best suited for older kids and teens. They have content for younger children, but you may have to help them find it.  Check it out; there is a lot to explore here.board-1273128_1280
  3. Highlights Kids I found this site while researching this post, and was a little surprised at how good the site was for younger children. The sites quality should not have surprised me at all because I can still remember reading Highlights magazine when I was a child. It was always a treat to read one. The magazine began publication in June 1946; started by Garry Cleveland Myers and his wife, Caroline Clark Myers in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. This Magazine company has been around the block a few times. They do offer subscriptions for the magazine and sell other Highlights products on the website, but the games and educational activities free on the Highlights Kids Website. From my point of view, this is an outstanding site, but I didn’t have any kids young enough to test the site. I’d greatly appreciate it if someone out there in cyberspace would let me know how their kids liked this site. I’m also going to write this disclaimer while I’m at it. Every since I began reading, I have always enjoyed Highlights Magazine, so I have a soft spot in my heart for them. It was great seeing that they are surviving in the digital age, not to mention that their website is excellent.book-1023130_1280
  4. The Ancient Web This is one of the best websites on the internet for resources related to the ancient world. This site examines the art, culture, and history of many ancient civilizations. It is well-organized and easy to navigate. The Ancient Web is a terrific site for students, teachers or anyone who wants to learn about ancient civilizations. This site would have made my history classes easier, especially when writing reports. The content is organized by civilization, so users can just click on the proper link to learn more about the civilization they wish to explore. Each civilization section offers features such as essays, images, maps, timelines, and more. This site is a must see if you need info on ancient history.book-841171_1280
  5. TEDeD Lessons Worth Sharing these educational videos come from the maker of TED Talks (Technology Entertainment and Design). They are carefully chosen by the creators of the TED Talks and cover many educational topics. I include this site because I have watched a lot of TED Talks and have learned a great deal from them. The folks who manage this website pick out the videos on it, based on the educational qualities of the video. You’ll have to explore the site carefully when looking for something specific. The site also has a search box to aid you. There are talks and videos available for all age groups and many subjects. Have a look; I think you will find this site interesting and worthwhile.

Well, there it is I hope that you find these websites useful. I checked each one out to make sure it’s free and safe. Have a great week, God be with you until we meet again.

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