Do You Want to Boost Your Metabolism?

Boost Your Metabolism

Christmas season is here and for most of us that means Plenty of food and hanging out with family and friends.

Before we start celebrating, let’s all say a prayer for the people who have lost loved ones this past year. The year is ending on a very tragic note for some of our brothers and sisters, who’s loved ones died in acts of needless, stupid, violence. Today’s news brings to mind the words of Pope Francis; Christmas is a “Charade” this year because the “Whole World is at War”.

Boost Your Metabolism

Back to the subject of this post. Holiday season always means plenty of food and less time for exercise. If you’re like me, You’re busy with kids participating in Christmas shows, parties to attend, gifts to buy, etc. The video below has three powerful tips for super-charging your metabolism. You can use them to get through the holidays and to improve your overall health.

The evidence is mounting that eliminating meat from our diets is an excellent way to improve your health. I’m not a vegetarian So It was great news to hear what Dr. Axe had to say about healthy fat and protein.

I Hope you enjoyed the short video. Have a great week. God be with you until we meet again.


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