March 2

Very, Very Good Chicken Enchiladas

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Photo Credit Pioneer Woman

The other day I was going through my Facebook news feed, and I ran across a post that piqued my curiosity. One of my friends had posted an enchilada recipe that caught my eye. As I read the ingredients, it enticed me, drew me in; I could smell the enchiladas cooking. I had to give this  recipe a try. Even though, I’m the boss around here, and I can get my wife to do whatever I say. Heh, heh,☺ I cook for the family most of the time on Thursdays. I enjoy my Thursdays in the kitchen. The days that I cook are a chance to try something new, and they keep me from getting rusty cooking the dishes I know how to cook. Lately I’ve been in  need of some new menu items to put into my rotation, and this looked like it just might fit the bill.  Since my wife also makes enchiladas I knew I had my work cut out for me. This was gonna be like Tiny Tim showing up on stage after John Legend. 

Last Thursday I gave the recipe a try, and the enchiladas were delicious. It was a rare first time at bat home run; everyone liked them. They also were very easy to cook. I also discovered a terrific blog that I will return to again and again. You can find the recipe right here try it out, you won’t be sorry you did. The Pioneer Woman’s Chicken Enchiladas.


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