January 6

How a Hoverboard burned this Families Home Down

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A Christmas present turned into a nightmare when a hoverboard burned down a family’s home right after the Christmas holiday. I was sad to see the news that a Hoverboard fire almost completely destroyed a family’s house in Austrailia shortly after Christmas.

“Home gutted by fire after a HOVERBOARD given as a Christmas present burst into flames while charging in a child’s bedroom.”

To read all about it click here

I wrote a blog post before Christmas warning about this possibility. The post was written after seeing the video below.

Luckily the only thing that hoverboard burned was some grass outside. After discovering that several hoverboards have caught on fire, I quickly decided that there wouldn’t be any hoverboards under our Christmas Tree this year.

If you bought the kiddies a hoverboard for Christmas. I suggest you read and follow all instructions that came with it and check out my post “Hoverboard fires How to Prevent Burning Your House Down”. Another good article about preventing hoverboard fires is Hoverboards Exploding? Which Hoverboards are Safe?

Be careful, See you again soon.


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