An Easy Way to Deal With a TenderHeaded Child”


It was early Friday morning, and I had just dropped Day off at school. It was a gorgeous, sunny morning, and I was enjoying the breeze as I cruised down Crenshaw Boulevard with my sunroof open. Needing a haircut, I drove to a shop that usually opens up early. I arrived just as one of the barbers was unlocking the front door. Great, sometimes it’s hard to find a haircut at 8:30 A.M.

A young father walked into the barber shop and started a conversation about the struggle he was having keeping his 7-year-old daughter’s hair combed. I could relate, sometimes I think I’m the only guy who ever had that problem. Keeping a toddler or second grader’s hair combed can be a challenge. I should know, my daughter was “the most tender-headed kid in the world” when she was younger.

I raised my daughter on my own from the time she was about two until she was seven years old; that’s when I remarried. Looking back, it wasn’t always easy, but I never noticed. We have a saying in the Marine’s;  “you knew the job was dangerous when you took it.”  If you’re gonna have kids, be ready for your responsibilities to increase exponentially. You’ll also have some of the most beautiful times you will ever have in your life. I wouldn’t trade being a dad for all the gold in the world; there’s nothing like it.

When she was little, Day would give me the blues when I combed her hair. Her Maker gave her an excellent set of lungs, and she’d use them to let me know if I caused her the slightest discomfort. It didn’t help matters that I didn’t know what I was doing when it came to combing her hair, and I think she knew it.  She didn’t like getting her hair combed, and was in no mood for my experiments.

As we talked, I started to tell the younger dad how I solved my hair problem. I feel slightly uncomfortable referring to him as the “younger dad, but davina_coloradohey, my inner Sergeant took over,  –Oorah!–  Been there done that. One of the best things you can do in this situation is to find a woman with a good heart, who knows how to French Braid. Take a look at this picture of my baby girl. She was six, and we were on our way to Kansas City. In this picture, we’re taking a break in Colorado. Notice her hair is French Braided. Babysitter (that’s our nickname for Cheryl) braided it just before we left on a road trip from Los Angeles to Kansas City. Thanks again Cheryl!

“My” answer to how to comb her hair was very simple. Comb it as few times as possible. Fortunately, I was blessed to have a priceless babysitter and braider. She’s also very close to my family. I just don’t know what I would have done without Cheryl. Now you have it, that’s my big secret. Keep it French Braided. I kept Day ‘s hair braided most of the time. Her tresses were in French braids from the time she was two until she was about seven. Day’s braider was  highly skilled and knew what she was doing; important because poorly braided hair can cause hair loss.

Thankfully, those days are over, and God blessed me with a fantastic wife who has helped me raise Day. Thanks to my better half, Day now does all the everyday stuff for her hair, herself. Sometimes I get a little nostalgic and miss worrying about her hair, but not for long. That’s life, and it’s great that she is now able to do her own hair, especially now that she’s 15 years old.  Now she goes to the hairdresser and gets a press and curl once every two or three weeks and sometimes she still gets braids but now she likes to get it braided in big braids

Does your kid do this when you comb their hair??? Mine did. Take a look at the most tenderheaded boy in America, he brings back memories of combing Day’s hair; Americas most tenderheaded girl.


If your child’s scalp is anywhere close to as tender as the most tenderheaded boy in America, you’ll find this video very helpful. I like Mom’s use of natural ingredients to answer the tenderheaded issue. While you’re there subscribe to her Youtube channel Discovering Natural, it’s an excellent channel also check out her Blog post Detangling a Tender-Headed kid’s Hair




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