Healthy Brown Bag Lunches for Work

I have always liked taking homemade, healthy brown bag lunches to work. I enjoy the flexibility that comes with bringing lunch from home. Eating out every once in a while is okay, but the choices are usually the same, and that means fast food most of the time. A lunch made at home can be […]

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How To Prepare An Emergency Backpack Kit

Flooded house

  Texas received 35 trillion gallons of rain in the past month according to the National Weather Service in Fort Worth, as reported by NBC News. That’s a lot of water. Tragically, flooding in Texas caused loss of life and devastating property damage. A massive hail storm pelted Eastern Tennessee with golf ball sized hail […]

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Tips for Summer Learning Activities to Prevent Vacation Brain Drain

  My kids are counting the days until school is out. They can’t wait until that last bell rings and school’s out for the summer. School ends this week and although my wife and I will get a break from taking the kids to school and picking them up; we always get a little anxious about […]

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When God Made Moms

Listening to birds delightfully singing in the background one beautiful, sunny morning last week. I realized Spring has officially arrived. Likewise, one of my favorite holidays is here again…  Mother’s day. Mother’s Day should be a Federal holiday. From my earliest memories, I can remember my momma going off to work. She worked as a […]

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5 Things I learned From Super Mom Toya Graham and the Baltimore Riots

photo credit: DSC03956 via photopin (license) How about that video taken of “Baltimore Mom” Toya Graham doing some child raising as my Mother calls it. When she saw her son participating in last Monday’s rioting in Baltimore, she knew exactly what she had to do. Mom’s intuition kicked in when she heard that both school […]

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How Important is Privacy to Your Email?

Computer hacker

With all the hullabaloo about Hillary Clinton using a private email account, for work emails. Add that to the spring 2013 revelations by Edward Snowden that no communications or data held online by any American company is private. Next I discover former president Bill Clinton has only ever written two emails in his entire life—-I […]

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Very, Very Good Chicken Enchiladas

  Photo Credit Pioneer Woman The other day I was going through my Facebook news feed, and I ran across a post that piqued my curiosity. One of my friends had posted an enchilada recipe that caught my eye. As I read the ingredients, it enticed me, drew me in; I could smell the enchiladas […]

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3 Ways to Pick Out Fake Online Reviews

Caution snakes sign

The words slithered across the page, “Trip Advisor fined $600,000 for fake reviews” and “Give Yourself 5 Stars?” It Might Cost You. I don’t know why the headlines surprised me. You can’t believe everything you see on the internet, you know. I often check out online reviews before I make a purchase. When choosing a hotel for […]

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How to Start the New Year Right!

Horse jumping fence

Starting the year off on the right foot can make an enormous difference on where you’re at by year’s end. A new year often begins with resolutions, choices, and responsibilities. How do you start the year off right? Well, the first thing you should do, is do everything within your power to stay healthy. Many […]

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Happy New Year 2015 and Why We Should be Really Happy!!!

Happy New Year

Why should we be really happy??? 2015 is almost here; it may even be here by the time you’re reading this. Our vast, diverse planet we call home; has once again made its 365.256363004 days, 93 million mile trip around our very own personal star. There is also something known as the Goldilocks paradox, another […]

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